October 2023 Release Candidate October 2023 Release Candidate

October 2023 Release Candidate

Release Notes


  • New feature allows servers to specify that downloaded mods should be treated as temporary by the client
  • The client can opt to mark all mods downloaded from servers as temporary
  • Temporary mods are deleted on start-up
  • Fixed crash on AMD hardware with certain drivers
  • Added extra options to Driving line aid for “Paddock” and “Paddock & Pit Entry”. The game defaults to paddock setting for all users.
  • Added key assignment for toggling Driving line aid in the game.
  • Improved Track Limits handling of illegal passes with regards to when a passed car goes too slow to be counted, but then later becomes valid. This should no longer become valid again.
  • Reworked “Stabilize Horizon”-feature using a different method of filtering
    • Added an additional step of stabilization
    • Enabled roll stabilization for “High” and “Ultra” steps
    • Added full horizon lock option
  • Fixed an issue that could cause AI to drive towards left walls while overtaking, causing collisions

rFactor 2 Online

  • Added Daily Races online mode with practice servers
  • Added Special Events online mode with practice servers
  • Added Hosted Servers option with credit bundles available through the store
  • Added Driver Profiles and Statistics
  • Moved Store to the front page
  • Moved Servers to Online > Servers

rFactor 2 Online – Known Issues

  • If you register for two races, both event pages will receive the first event’s server details when that race begins
  • Some circuits, such as Nürburgring may have the server start a few minutes later than expected – you may need to wait up to 4 minutes after a server is due to be started
  • Practice servers are becoming too full too quickly and may give a timeout error (we are currently working on this) – Races are unaffected so please still register
  • Practice servers not running through the night (reminder – we pause the service at 3am CEST)
  • Bottom split has the minimum drivers to make the race official (currently 5 rather than equal size splits)
  • Some nationality flags are not showing correctly
  • The schedule page does have incorrect times for some users
  • Some users are unable to submit reports
  • Navigation bar is sometimes not showing updated ranking after a race
  • Could not get your split error – for now, please try going back to the previous menu and enter the event page again or restart
  • Leaderboard has a bug where does not consider the specific track layout
  • Not all mod files being deleted on boot
  • The join server button occasionally does not activate – please try leaving and rejoin the event page to get the join server button
  • Password on hosted server is not working
  • Qualifying results are showing incorrectly
  • Incorrect rank shown on post-race screen
  • Profile/Email update is not saving