Release Candidate Hotfix 3 Release Candidate Hotfix 3

Release Candidate Hotfix 3

Release Date: 10.2.23

Build: 10517321
Dedi: 10524732

Release Candidate Fixes

  • Fixed lack of wrap around viewing with mouse control in Photo Mode
  • Fixed settings resetting when changing camera in Photo Mode
  • Fixed graphics disappearing when switching between many cars with FreeMove enabled
  • Fixed keys not working in photo mode after assigning controls
  • Fixed alternative tracking cameras switching over the start finish line on cycle mode


  • Reworked steering configuration page to replace wheel-only settings with non-wheel relevant settings when a non-wheel device is in use
  • Reintroduced adjustable steering rates
  • Added selection for gamepad steering filters
  • Made both steering filters adjustable independently
  • Added snappiness slider to steering rates configuration - 0% is original behaviour, higher % is more snappy without having to increase steering rates
  • Made new steering sensitivity filter more direct


  • Fixed bug with reading brake maps from hdv/engine files. It now reads definitions with less than 11 entries again.
  • Fixed visual steering lock mismatch at low speeds when using non-standard steering lock in the vehicle setup


  • Fix for AI running into the back of other vehicles


  • Made the hitbox for checkboxes in the content screen table slightly bigger

Known Issues

  • Installing items from the content page requires a second request to install via the "updates" page
  • Old versions of workshop packages are not correctly automatically removed while you are subscribed
  • Cancel updates button is unresponsive
  • Motion blur sometimes activates when it should not