Release Candidate Update 2 Release Candidate Update 2

Release Candidate Update 2

Release Date: 3.2.23

Client: 10464249 

Dedi: 10464259

  • Fix for missing server filters
  • Fix for soft tracking change not working in replays
  • Default VR Mirror to true
  • Various fixes for IBL Water Shader
  • Added showing the list of dependencies for a mod, and the list of mods that are using a specific item
  • Installing packages for content should now be automatic after a download if you keep the download popup open
  • Items that are in use by a mod should have their uninstall button disabled and greyed out
  • Added configurable controls for regen level, electric motor map and push-to-pass map
  • Added setup settings for regen level, electric motor map and push-to-pass map. Moved pitstop settings to a new “Strategy” tab.
  • Fixed bug where some values were incorrectly interpolated. Mostly noticable in the engine volume fraction.
  • Renamed RegenerationLevel to RegenerationMap
  • Added item origin column in the pending updates table
  • The content table now remembers the sort order when it refreshed
  • Items with missing dependencies can now be multi-selected in the content table


  • Reworked controller and keyboard controls to have a permanent steering filter that acts like a smarter version of speed sensitivity
  • Replaced inaccessible steering rate configuration with steering aggression slider to control how aggressively the new controller filter allows turn-in


  • Plugin API updated to include physics output (also see plugin example):
  • Battery charge
  • torque
  • rpm
  • motor temperature
  • water temperature (if applicable)
  • motor state (inactive, propulsion, regenerate)
  • Fixed bug with reading brake maps from hdv/engine files. It now reads definitions with less than 11 entries again.

Photo Mode

  • UI accessible from replay screen, with full configuration options and key hints.


  • Improved ttool performance significantly. It’s now more than twice as fast. The checksum will differ, but results are virtually the same.

Known Issues

  • Installing items from the content page requires a second request to install via the “updates” page
  • Cancel updates button is unresponsive
  • Motion blur does not work without SSR set to medium or higher
  • Motion blur sometimes activates when it should not
  • when the track loops back around on itself.
  • After assigning a control in Photo Mode to a Keyboard key, Keyboard input does not work correctly until after you navigate to a different screen.
  • Photo Mode settings lost when you change camera
  • Maintain current camera over the start finish line on Trackside Camera Group Cycle does not work at present