Release Date: 27.1.23

Build: 10419030
Dedi: 10419038


  • Added toggle for motion blur
  • Added various missing materials for motion blur mask
  • Fix for incorrect names in ui workshop items
  • New feature to scrape workshop item names
  • Fixes for local content trying to re-install on restart and workshop items remaining subbed after a failed uninstall
  • Fix for stuck popup in start up with auto updates disabled


  • Added “+VR” command line option to launch the game using VR. Added new steam option when starting game.
  • Added “Steam Matchmaking Broadcast” option to Multiplayer.json. This will allow the server to be hidden from matchmaking. Current matchmaking status will be shown on the Dedicated Server UI.


  • New electric motor implementation (used for btcc cars) including
  • Electric Motor map
  • Added to onboard controls (not in gui yet)
  • Regeneration map
  • Added to onboard controls (not in gui yet)
  • Push to Pass map
  • Added to onboard controls (not in gui yet)
  • Updated p2p system with new options to accommodate btcc:
  • time limit per lap
  • minimum gear activation requirement
  • minimum time between activations
  • turn off when crossing start/finish
  • Fixed bug where SteeringInnerTable wasn’t always properly applied


  • Tweaked PostFX profiles for more realistic depth of field on broadcast cameras


  • Improved management of Driver fuel calculations, making sure that we only update when a fully valid lap has been completed.
  • Fixed error in default calculations which would mean with fuel scalars, AI would not add extra fuel to tank
  • Improved logic for cars leaving pits in practice and qualifying sessions. Encouraging AI to use up all laps, and making sure they attempt to set a lap time in short sessions.
  • Fix for AI being prevented from passing when pitting in on a race lap


  • Cockpit Display now shows Brake Bias correctly as the bias to the front in whole percent.

Package Management

  • Package states now show as orange when an operation is in progress


  • Added fuel to various ModDev debug screens (Driver and Vehicle screens)
  • Added new cockpit elements:
  • BoostMotorTempDigit
  • BatteryLevelDigit
  • P2PActivationsThisLap
  • P2PActiveTimeThisLap

Known issues

  • Installing items from the content page requires a second request to install via the "updates" page
  • Cancel updates button is unresponsive
  • Motion blur does not work without SSR set to medium or higher
  • Motion blur sometimes activates when it should not