Release Date: 04.03.2021



  • Fixed an issue enforcing physics upgrades
  • Fixed an issue where custom skins would be allowed even when the server does not allow them.
  • Fixed an issue where a custom skin would glow white after changing session if skin transfers are disabled. Also ensures other players see you with the default skin of your car.
  • Fixed an issue where a series does not initialize correctly on first time use. This would manifest in not being able to select upgrades when joining a competition.
  • Fixed an issue where FFB changes would not register until you go to the track for the second time.
  • Fixed a crash to desktop during game load when the current selected series was uninstalled, however the install file remains in packages folder.
  • Removed a setting that exited the game after leaving a server
  • Added extra logging during the loading of content for debugging purposes



  • Fixed an issue where the time remaining in a race session would not be shown.
  • Message centre now displays same name/value as show in the garage screen when changing vehicle settings
  • Graphics
  • Fixed an issue where secondary wet weather reflections would not show on roads. (The reflections from a damp road surface, rather than puddles)
  • Fixed some issues which could cause graphical glitches in the skies.
  • Fixed VR UI boundaries showing a faint black line when in game



  • Added driver and car info displays to full screen replay; steering, throttle, brake, clutch, speed, rpm, gear and g-force traction circle. This information will also be shown live for a driver.
  • Fixed an issue where Wheel Loads were not shown in the UI
  • Fixed an issue where the UI would run at uncapped FPS
  • Fixed an issue where the refresh button in package management would not detect newly copied in files in the packages folder
  • Fixed an issue where real road settings weren’t reset in the session settings screen if the user changes track.
  • Fixed an issue where session settings would remain from a previously selected series
  • Now automatically update the favourite server list on race screen after adding or removing a favourite.
  • Fixed an issue where Tracks, Cars and other components would inherit the uninstall status of the last series.
  • Fixed wrong driver name displaying in replay when there was a driver swap
  • Fixed an issue where disqualified drivers could still go to track
  • Fixed an issue when joining a server the ui would display invalid cars
  • Fixed an issue where a server client mismatch was reported the wrong way around
  • Removed language toggle from player profile



  • Added reporting for driveable surfaces which are not defined in the TDF file in ModDev
  • Fixed issues with using Vertex Colour in the Standard Blend Shader

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