November Release Candidate Hotfix 6 November Release Candidate Hotfix 6

November Release Candidate Hotfix 6

Release date: 16.11.22

Build: 9944753

Dedicated Server: 9944759

  • Fixed Track Limits pass timer being reset to 5s when going off track.
  • Fixed Track Limits penalties not scoring/penalizing when you finish the race/session.
  • Removed subtracting laps in some situations when penalties are not served before end of race.
  • Less strict Track Limits in wet conditions
  • Require cars to travel at 80% opposed to 66% of racing speed to penalize off track passes.
  • Added “Admin” message center mode which will report all penalties awarded and served in message center and chat boxes.
  • Fixed fenders not activating when they should.
  • Fixed TC settings not being adjustable in car.
  • Fixed oil & water not heating up enough from engine.
  • Fixed setups in mod dev
  • Fixed left eye flickering black in VR
  • Replaced 32 bit MAS Util, ModMgr and Config with 64 bit equivalents
  • Fixed AIW editor crash on pit exit
  • Fixed certain sound effects playing erratically in private practice
  • Increased AI acceleration in pitlane in practice sessions
  • Fixed AI overshooting their pitboxes
  • Re-added old AIW smoothing algorithm in addition to the new one