November Release Candidate Hotfix 1 November Release Candidate Hotfix 1

November Release Candidate Hotfix 1

Release date: 2.11.22


Client: 9847777
Server: 9847786

  • Sped up Race Event creation in MAS Tool regardless of size/age of pkginfo.dat
  • Fixed anonymous steam IDs being reported in the results.xml when players left the server before the file gets written.
  • Fixed game crashing with “null” in controller.json
  • Fixed game crashing when pressing escape to monitor
  • Fix for headlight assignments issues when setting "Max Headlights" lower than 20.
  • Fix crash when trying to display the game in borderless on a third monitor with a different solution than the first.
  • Fix using the resolution of the first screen when displaying on any other using borderless.
  • Fixed a crash when changing monitor when in fullscreen.
  • Fixed changing resolutions in windowed mode.
  • Fixed reverting resolution picking the wrong resolution to revert to. Used to pick the first with the same width
  • Fixed not being able to delete first replay in the list
  • Fix for problematic behavior introduced in RC where AI would lose track of target waypoint or get stuck driving the wrong way.