Release Date: 23.8.22


Steam Build IDs
Client: 9331826
Dedicated Server: 9331833


Track Limits

  • Fixed an issue where text would not render in the Track Limits Info dialogue if Low Speed Info dialogue is disabled
  • Fixed crash when hitting curbs where the previous waypoint can be null
  • Fixed an issue on strict where laps would be wrongly invalidated as off track after wall contact
  • Fixed an issue where off track on strict would not show the track limits dialogue
  • Added ability to configure threshold for next lap invalidation for large cuts
  • Adjusted leaving threshold to use vehicle track width as the point to start track limits investigation
  • Improvements to passing penalization under a Track Limits investigation. Always give at least 5 seconds grace for passes after an initial pass and only penalize passes when you close to gaining an advantage
  • Refined wall riding settings to be more lenient on default, and in race on strict
  • Updated Onscreen Dialogue to show when there are Wall Riding points


AI Editor

  • Improved calculations for if the pitlane should automatically connect a branch to the main road


Known Issues (to be addressed shortly)

  • Inconsistent track limits application after driver swap (pre 1130 issue)
  • You can be penalized for passing cars after wall contact even if you did not touch the wall enough to get a penalty
  • Real Road data not loading when Track Temperatures are set to generated