Release Date: 12.8.22


Caterham Academy V1.05

  • Set default caster to 6 degrees(max)
  • Enabled wheels in cockpit
  • Made cockpit labels show at night
  • Fixed strange alpha behaviour on rims
  • Fixed car #2 rim texture
  • Made gauges visible at night
  • Adjusted gauge glass material
  • New tires
  • Stiffer sidewalls, less grip delta from track rubber
  • AI revised significantly
  • Added new camera to match real onboards


Hyundai i30 BTCC 1.03

  • Fixed normals on left mirror indicator light
  • Updated showroom viewing distance


Corolla BTCC 1.19

  • Fixed milky look on some windshields


Mini 1.05

  • Removed 20th onboard cam
  • Moved head position lower and slightly forward
  • Minor tire revision, more wet grip, less realroad sensitivity
  • Made shift times slightly slower
  • AI tweaked to better match player
  • Forcing clutch use for valid shifts
  • Fixed AI CRR
  • Removed shift protection sound