Release Date: 8/8/2022


Steam Build IDs:

Client: 9261937
Dedicated Server: 9261942




  • Updated Track Limits System taking into account many factors to award warning points for infringements with drivers given a short amount of time post cut to give up any gained time or positions in race.
  • Ability to set Track Limits to None/Default/Strict
  • Ability to configure number of Track Limit Points before a Drive Through during race sessions.
  • Improved calculation of infringement during time off track, taking into account, time gained, distance travelled, throttle application, time off track, speed differentials, positions gained during race, wall riding and more.
  • During all sessions invalidate current lap and sometimes next lap, based on how close to the end of the lap and the size of the infringement.
  • During race sessions earn warning points, if 3 points are acquired in one go or you pass the cumulative point limit threshold (5 by default) a drive through is given. The size of penalty increases for extreme cuts.
  • Pit Lane Exit violations are now logged and penalized accordingly (May require content updates)
  • Disabled Pit Exit violations by default on Ovals in none race sessions and added ability to customize which sessions have Pit Exit limits enforced via GDB or RFM.
  • Wrong Way Driving calculations have been tweaked to be more lenient when far from the track.
  • Strict mode intended for eSports, has harsher thresholds and invalidates all off track laps in non race sessions.
  • Improved logging options and ModDev options for analysing cuts.
  • Support for up to 16 input devices
  • Added chat message indicating when there are latency issues and collision is turned off.



  • Added current Track Limits points to Penalties MFD Page in Race Sessions.



  • Driver labels now correctly depth buffer regardless of display mode
  • Added Light Dust Particle Profile
  • Expanded Decal Features on IBL Road Shader
  • Fixed orange ambient bug



  • The first launch wizard controls configuration can now be re-run from the “Calibrate controls” page
  • Moved “Electronics” setup settings (TC and ABS) under the “Engine” heading, which has been renamed to “Engine & electronics”
  • Fixed damage multiplier setting description in singleplayer session settings
  • Moved damper setup settings to their own tab
  • Fixed sporadic empty car list on server join
  • Added “Track Limits Rules” singleplayer setting
  • Added “Track Limits Points Allowed” singleplayer race setting
  • Added Tender Springs to suspension setup page
  • Added description/tooltip to Tender Springs setup
  • Improved description/tooltip for Traction Control and ABS
  • Fixed alphabetical sorting of opponent filters and opponents list
  • Fixed race countdown timer format for duration longer than one minute
  • Updated Aston Martin logo
  • Added a button to refresh the setup list
  • Added two settings into the “Visuals” column in graphics settings to adjust the vertical and horizontal position of the Track Limits Info (TLI) screen
  • Fixed alphabetical sorting of car selection list



  • Dynamic track temperatures based on weather conditions and cars driving on track
  • Added a toggle to load temperatures from real road files on main game/moddev/dedi
  • Added improved anti-lock braking and traction control systems. (Only available on the TEST version of the McLaren Senna GTR)
  • Added Traction Control Power Cut map to control the amount of TC to apply. (Only available for the new TC)
  • Added Traction Control Slip Angle map to control the target (maximum) slip angle before TC activates. (Only available for the new TC)
  • Added ABS/TC dash LEDs which show the amount of slip and show when the systems activate
  • Added Tender Springs functionality (Only available on the TEST version of the Porsche 991 GT3 Cup)
  • Fixed ABS/TC aid through settings



  • Cars that lag too much or teleport will have collision disabled for 5 seconds.
  • Network speeds now enforce the player limit to max out at the highest acceptable number the connection can support



  • Fixed loops not restarting correctly
  • Fixed loud audio spike when loading into multiplayer sessions
  • Fixed random shift sounds in the garage
  • Separated TC and Pit Limiter events
  • Fixed audio loop points
  • Fixed spotter and start lights not playing or being delayed
  • Fixed game startup without audio device or with +nosound enabled
  • Performance: Sound system now uses another thread, eliminating random frame time spikes and improving game performance
  • Fixed tracks with lots of ambient sounds not playing any sound at all in some conditions
  • Fixed other cars crashing online playing crash sounds on the player car
  • Fixed HRTF selection
  • Fixed a rare crash when crashing sounds play


Live Stream Overlay

  • Updated broadcast overlay live timing page
  • Fixed live timing page not loading
  • You can now customize the styling with custom CSS (custom_livetiming.css)
  • Added CSS classes: car class for each row and last sticky row
  • Added car class and team name columns
  • Added car livery images
  • Added tire icon
  • Added configurable scrolling and multiclass mode



  • Batched loading warning pop up messages together for fewer popups (Dev Mode/Scene Viewer)
    Added warning popup for assets exported with default LOD Out for optimization debugging (Dev Mode/Scene Viewer)
  • Added cancel button to show no more messages that session (Dev Mode/Scene Viewer)
  • Fixed various content issues with Showrooms and Joesville (Dev Mode/Scene Viewer)
  • Added Sideview_UI showroom to ModDev for UI screenshots of cars.
  • Fixed an issue in MapConverter where it would crash with textures named *_M_<type>.TGA
  • Added “FarLight” parameter to IBL Shaders in Material Adjust section. This allows us to set materials to be in shadow beyond shadow cascades.
  • Fixed crash when no AIW file present


Known Issues

  • UI – Steering lock second bracket is cut off


Toyota Corolla BTCC v1.17

  • Fixed logo issue on skins
  • Updated camera position
  • Fix for drag reduction with rake


Infiniti Q50 BTCC 1.15

  • Fixed logo issue on skins
  • Fix for drag reduction with rake


Formula E 2022 v1.07

  • Fixed right mirror not adjusting


Porsche GT3 Cup v1.41

  • Added tender springs


McLaren Senna v1.15

  • Upgraded to new sound engine
  • Added new TC and ABS
  • Added shift protection
  • Added new engine cooling
  • Minor sound tweaks
  • Added ABS and TC LED bars to display
  • Made all three TC options say off when set to 0


Oreca LMP2 v3.03

  • Added new TC options


GTE Cars v3.11

  • Added new TC options
  • Updated TC and pit limiter sounds


BMW M8 GTE v3.11

  • Removed high poly rear wing collision model


Corvette C8R GTE v3.11 & Ferrari 488 GTE v3.11

  • Updated engine starter sound


Dallara IR18 v1.67

  • Fixed numbers not displaying on score tower
  • Fixed push to pass working on ovals
  • Added talent file


Kart Cup 2014 v2.04

  • Removed tilt in cockpit camera