Release Date: 09.05.2022


Known Issues

  • Sparks cause performance spikes for some users running with uncapped frame rates they can be temporarily disabled by setting specialfx to low (This has minimal impact on other effects)
  • Toggling driver labels doesn't work in VR
  • Driver labels don't depth test when MSAA is turned off
  • Spotter may skip words
  • Some terrains may play incorrect scrub sfx


Steam Build IDs:

client 8703241
dedi 8703245



  • Updated Safety Car added to Retail and ModDev. Old Safety Car removed.
  • Added a visual driving line feature, this can be toggled from settings.
  • Removed texture cache to simplify loading.
  • Added an option to set the amount of water on roads at the start of a session.
  • Increased the rate of RealRoad calculations by approximately x4.
  • Added a server option to disable faster real road calculations, as this adds approximately an extra 4KBps per client to server overheads.
  • Improved real road update rates. They're now separate per real road property, with wet road having a higher update rate.
  • Minor update to default weather conditions for different profiles (Rainy/Overcast/Sunny etc).
  • New algorithm for wet road calculations effecting how quickly surfaces get wet and dry, taking into account drainage, humidity, ambient temperature and sky weather conditions.
  • Updated tyre grip calculations on rubbered in areas when surfaces are wet.
  • Updated how road and rain conditions are reported. Old percentage values now snap to a set percent for each tyre of condition, masking the true absolute condition in the game. The Default HUD has been updated to show a text description.
  • Corrected Rear Flap System default wet weather disable point to work with new weather ranges.
  • Fixed an issue where Cameras constrained to specific paths would not work correctly in replays.
  • Extended Freelook mode to allow control via joypads as well as adjustments of exposure, aperture, sensor size and focus.



  • Added spark effects.
  • Decreased interval of Static Mapper updates from 5 minutes to 10 seconds. This should result in smoother lighting changes at dawn / dusk and as weather conditions change.
  • Corrected Sky Colour to remove Cyan effect.

  • Slight adjustments to exposure for sky colour adjustments when sun at it's highest.

  • Minor Atmospheric Corrections, including linking AirMass to AirPollution.
  • Reducing fog brightness slightly.
  • Reduced Exposure a touch when the sun is around 10 degrees of altitude.
  • Improved cloud selection at different weather settings.
  • Minor cloud texture improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where Clouds would disappear at really high altitudes.
  • Fixed issues with lighting interpolation in sky rendering at Dusk/Sunrise, which would result in jumps in lighting values.
  • Fixed puddle splashes not setting when rain drops are not used (set to off or scene viewer).
  • Fixed lighting on spray during wet conditions, and tweaked particle profile.
  • Updated reflections on PBR Road and Curb Shaders.
  • Updated Rain Particle settings and fixed rendering on ultra wide screens.
  • Passed through particle settings refining Spray, Dust, Smoke and more.
  • Fixed an issue in VR where the scene would over exposure.
  • Fixed an issue in VR where replay mode would not render correctly.



  • Implemented enhanced cooling system for oil & water. This includes new parameters in the .hdv file. The new model includes:

    • Direct heat transfer between water and oil.
    • Oil radiator.
    • Switchover Thermostat.
  • Separated front and rear brake ducts.
  • Added configurable gear shift protection.



  • Added AI Dry Tyre strategy (Random Dry Tyre in Practice, Softs in Qualifying and try to pick an appropriate tyre for race strategy in race).
  • AI now check if to change Tyre Type just before the pit road entry rather than at the start of the lap.
  • Fixed various issues around AI Tyre Selection when session changes and weather changes - such as not switching to wet tyres when it was dry before but now is wet.
  • Fixed an issue with calculating road conditions when changing session where they would not fully compute.
  • Fixed an issue where cars that don't allow pit stop refuelling would run a full tank in practice and qualifying.
  • Prevent AI from leaving pits in closed session.
  • Fixed an issue where if there was a set of valid wet tyres, intermediate tyres would default to dry tyres.



  • Always show official sticky servers in the server list even if filters are active.
  • Enabled "Restart warmup" button also when event is in race session.
  • Updated button layout in session controls and setup summary.
  • Added fading out of screen when leaving event or replay.
  • Added condensing of tire name when too long to fit in event standings table.
  • Added help text when hovering over various settings.
  • Added music to showroom.
  • Changed breaking of long chat lines so they only break on full words.
  • Fixed getting stuck in assign control pop-up after assigning tab key.
  • Disabled user text selection everywhere except in text fields.
  • Added highlighting of assigned control key values when hovering over with mouse.
  • Improved transition between different profiles in graphics and gameplay settings menus.
  • Refined styling of car classes in event screen.
  • Refined styling of car classes in fullscreen standings ticker.
  • Disabled "Default max wheel angle" setting when "Max wheel angle mode" is set to automatic.
  • Disabled "Steering wheel range" setting when "Range set by vehicle" setting is enabled.
  • Hid the car selection list when the drive/spectate pop-up is showing when joining a server directly with a join link.
  • Changed searching for cars and tracks so that the list scroll position is kept at the top after search (clearing the search text will scroll to the selected item).
  • Enabled car selection on server during a practice session.
  • Made it possible to add multiple custom graphics profiles.
  • Made it possible to add multiple custom gameplay difficulty profiles.
  • Always sort "All Tracks & Cars" to the top of the list in singleplayer series selection.
  • Added fallback image for showcase tile in case the actual image cannot be loaded.
  • Updated showcase, news and store tiles background image positioning and scaling.
  • Added option to expand server chat window to full height.
  • Setup notes for the highlighted setup (the one you clicked on in the setup list but not yet loaded) are now shown on the setup summary page.
  • Setup notes can now be typed in the setup summary page (the setup still has to be saved to save the changes).
  • When saving a setup, the folder for the current track will be selected by default (instead of the folder of the loaded setup).
  • Removed automatically expanding all found items in car and track selection after search.
  • Added highlighting of selected opponent filters.
  • Fixed multiplayer screen with drive/spectate pop-up showing too soon when using +connect to join a server, and if and when content install is still in progress.
  • You can now select car upgrades directly from the car selection screen without going to the showroom (both in singleplayer and multiplayer).
  • Disabled singleplayer grid position setting if qualifying is enabled.
  • Added two new gearbox graphs:
    • Top speed per gear
    • RPM after upshift
    • The existing graph, gear spacing, is kept as a third option
  • Fixed occasional blank page in the first launch wizard when going to the exit screen and back.
  • Reordered difficulty settings and sliders.
  • Singleplayer RealRoad settings are now enabled only when the weather preset is set to "Scripted".
  • Renamed "Steering effects strength" setting to "Force feedback direction".
  • Singleplayer "Race Laps" and "Race Time" settings are now disabled/enabled based on the "Finish Criteria" setting.
  • A singleplayer session can now also be enabled by clicking on the disabled session button in quick event.
  • The "Drive" button now changes to a "Next session" button when session time runs out in singleplayer.
  • Skipping the first launch wizard now takes you to the content selection page, instead of skipping the whole wizard. You can also skip the content selection from there.
  • You can now skip the first launch wizard from any page.



  • Added IBL Visualizer Debug tool to Scene Viewer (already present in ModDev).
  • Added Texture UV Mip Debug tool to Scene Viewer (already present in ModDev).
  • Added AI Vocal Strategy Player File debug option for Mod Dev (Pit Strategies, Tyre Changes and when selected what they are doing - can be expanded in future).
  • Fixed overcast preview mode (note: this is not exactly the same as in game).
  • Updated sample wet masks at Loch Drummond.



  • New Sound Engine
    • New 3D rendering.
    • Vastly increased amount of simulataneously playing effects.
    • Environmental effects and filtering system.
    • Proper cockpit filtering.
    • Autodetection of open and closed cockpits for environment effects and filtering.
    • Sound effects such as skid, kerbs, gravel, wind, suspension and many more now work online and in replays.
    • Support for full surround sound setups.
    • HRTF support (Binaural headphone experience).
    • Vastly improved VR experience.
    • Backwards compatible.
    • Many new sound effects.
    • Support for trackside broadcast microphones.
    • Every car causes audible ambient noise around the whole track.
    • Brand new, modern, customisable file format with much more freedom for audio designers.
    • Improved debugging tools for dev mode.


Formula Pro v1.19

- Added new sound engine compatibility

- Added Engine and Brake duct cooling

- Added shift protection

- Corrected AI tire wear

- Added Push to Pass

- Tire refinements


INDYCAR Dallara 2022 v1.43

- Added new sound engine compatibility

Added engine and Brake duct cooling

Added shift protection