Daytona International Raceway V1.15 Daytona International Raceway V1.15

Daytona International Raceway V1.15

Release Date: 21.03.2022


Our most recent track release for rFactor 2 benefits from some minor quality of life improvements identified over the first few weeks of release. In this new version 1.15 update, our track team have worked on both the Road Course and oval layout configurations, including a further performance pass to improve framerates, multiple fixes to AI behaviour on the oval and road course configurations, and other, smaller fixes and tweaks.


V1.15 Update Notes

  • Improved Oval AI pit entry, prevent from brushing wall at T2 & T4, fixed occasional braking over Start Finish line and reduced chance of passing on yellow line during turns.
  • Improved RC AI at T1 and Bus stop.
  • Fixed Floating Marshal Inside RC T1.
  • Fixed some minor verge issues.
  • Fixed some issues with safety vehicles.
  • Optimized track side RVs with reduced poly count.
  • Optimization of RaceSurfaces for possible performance gains.
  • Removed Full Course Yellow settings from GDB files.